Affordable framed wall art – You’ll love

Creating your dream home is exciting. Putting your unique stamp on it and reflecting you is all part of the fun.

If you want to transform your room from nice to amazing, a focal point is essential. Every room needs to have one, and wall art is a fantastic and simple way to do this.

It can lift the room, pull everything together, help create mood or be a punchy piece that makes the room pop.

Choosing carefully can give your room completion, but finding affordable framed wall art you’ll love, can be a challenge.

Society6 is a great place to find that perfect piece of art on a budget. They offer prints in a massive variety of styles for everyone s tastes from up and coming artists’, who you may not otherwise be able to find. You can customise the size and frame to create a wall with one single showstopper, or put together a collection which makes an impact.

You will definitely want to check them out!

These are some of my favorites to get you going. You may want to keep an eye on in these in year ahead.


Lew Hagood’s Hillside Gallery Circles and other Shapes and Colors (Abstract digital art)

Lew Hagood is an artist and writer living in Atlanta. His work is usually, but not always, abstract and generally bright and vibrant with strong colour. Most of his work develops from an idea or mood

This piece evolved from some of his larger abstract work and is inspired by the pebbles, stones and glass found at the beach. It’s a great print if you want to infuse a sense of fun and energy into your room.


J5rson Troy at War (Abstract digital Painting)

J5rson works primarily with digital media and photography focusing on abstract images. His work is a synthesis of the intricate, chaotic, and unpredictable. His use of shape and texture result in complex fractal manipulations which evoke emotional responses. The use of colour is exceptional, and is what initially drew me to his work. This has a contemporary feel but would sit beautifully in either a modern or more traditional setting.


GalleryJ9 Minimalist Abstract Black and White Line Drawing

Janine Aykens creates modern minimalist and abstract designs, which in her own words are “Simply beautiful fine art for your home”, and I couldn’t agree more. This print is from an original transfer monotype. The soft and velvety line produced by this technique add textural interest while keeping a simple elegance.

Barrett Biggers. Legend of Zelda – The Three Goddesses of Hyrule Geek Line Artly (Digital art)

Barrett Biggers is a self-taught digital artist. She creates original dark nature surrealism compositions, vintage geek-art designs and digital paintings mainly focusing on inspiration from movies, gaming, anime, and pop culture. Her intricate and imaginative designs draw the eye leading you on a journey into her fantasy world.

This composition Has an Art Nouveau style and features the three golden goddesses of Hyrule and their crests with the omnipotent Triforce as a centerpiece, and is from the Legend of Zelda Nintendo series games.

Curiouscanvas Ghost (Abstract Illustration)

Sara is an ink and watercolour artist, whose work is beautifully haunting. In many of her paintings she mixes sensitive ink line with gentle colour, creating evoking and mystical work. This piece however concentrates solely on the delicate use of line with the textural interest of the paper and markings in the background. This is a great piece if you love minimalistic but are not into abstract.


Ambers Textiles Jungle Panther (Illustrative Pattern)

Amber, is an Artist and Surface Pattern Designer from Manchester.

Jungle panther was inspired by her travels to the ‘Jardin Exotique’ Botanical garden in Monaco. The original design was drawn and hand painted using acrylic paints on card. It is bright and fresh with a light feel and would happily sit in any room of the house from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Jungle Panther

Jacquelyn Graff A Prickly Bunch

Jacquelyn is most passionate about watercolor, textile design, pattern work, and colour. She is inspired by nostalgia from her childhood (pastel pinks and the rainbow hues of 80s cartoons), shiny crystals and gems, floral patterns and antique wallpaper.

These watercolor sketches were inspired by a plant stand in her kitchen where she grows a variety of succulents and cacti. The bright pops of colour give the painting an element of fun and would bring a light and carefree energy to your home.

A Prickly Bunch

Mark Ashkenazi banana life

Mark Ashkenazi is a photo artist based in New York City. He uses an eclectic mix of mediums, and covers a variety of themes including portraits, pop art, life study, cartoon and nature.

This print is from an original water colour and uses cool colours combined with bold shape to produce a strong pattern This is ideal if you want to bring a tropical feel to your room and relax with the exotic the whole year round.

Nova Art Golden Polka Dot

Although I know very little about this artist I just had to include Golden Polka Dot as on of my choices as I would certainly have it in my home. I love the simplicity and can’t say why but it just makes me smile. The bold marks made by the acrylic are clearly visible on the print adding texture and interest.

World Cultures

Darkling studio The Jade Rabbit

Kaitlin (Wintersnow) Flury is a Des Moines based artist.

This piece is inspired by Chinese folk law. The Jade rabbit is the companion of the Moon Godess Chang and is said to be constantly pounding the elixir of life for her.

Kaitlin’s use of light cool colours set against the contrasting dark night sky create a beautiful mythical image which flows effortlessly around the canvas. This engaging print would make a beautiful addition to any living space

The Jade Rabbit

Madalena Loboa-Tello My other Frida Kahlo with butterflies

Madalena is a Portuguese visual artist, painter and ceramist who works with an extensive range of mediums including oil, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, pencil, photography and mixed media. The main focus of her work is women and in her own words;

“What I paint is a journey inside the mind … in the doors and windows of the soul, female territories of connection with Life and Divinity.”

“I continue seeking the experiences of being a woman.”

Her use of Intense colour and strong imagery is characteristic of her work and produce vibrant images which demonstrate her emotions.

My Other Frida with butterflies is an expression of how Frida learned to transform pain into art. The butterflies symbolise the capacity for metamorphosis and the ephemeral nature of joy and life.

The original was executed in Mixed media ( acrylic and collage) on canvas and then digitally manipulated.

my other Frida Kahlowith butterflies

Irina Rumyantseva Seeds Of The Sun III

Irina Rumyantseve describes herself as an “Independent emerging artist, creating a variety of affordable artwork from abstract art to figurative art, floral art to landscape, seascape, cityscape, animals and wildlife, and still life paintings mainly on canvas using an array of mixed media direct from the artists’ studio. “Each experience is an inspiration to create something unique.”

This is a colourful, abstract, figurative tribal print which uses expressive line to create an eye catching and stylish piece.

Seeds of the Sun


This is of course just a few of my personal favorites. Society6 has a wealth of fabulous affordable art from amazing artists’.

I hope this has helped you, or at least pointed you in the right direction to be able to find art which will express your own style and creativity and add that finishing touch to make you home awesome

If you have any tips on finding great art I would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

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