Christmas Candle Gift ideas

Candles are a great gift at any time of year but more so at Christmas. There is nothing more relaxing and festive than a cosy candle lit room.

There are a whole range of candles on the market. They vary widely and have some fundamental differences. If you would like to find out more, hop over to my post where I discuss candle types and also give you some easy tips on how to make the most of your candles.

To help you find the right candle either as a gift or for yourself here are some of my favourites. (click the image to be taken to the best place to buy)

A Few tips to remember

  • Scents are very personal and evoke memories so when buying a scented candle do a little digging first. Find out the fragrances preferred by the person you are buying for. Do they like floral, citrus, earthy, spicy, light or heavy fragrances etc.
  • Candles can be extremely decorative so considering the style and colour scheme of the setting they will be placed in is important.
  • What mood are you trying to evoke, a sense of calm, a gift to soothe and restore, invigoration of the soul etc. Candles can be therapeutic and a great gift if someone is going through a tough patch or just needs a little lift to help them on their way.

If you would like to know the benefits of burning candles I have written a post you may want to take a look at. It may surprise you.

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