Coral Room Decor – It’s not just for the girls

Living coral the Pantone colour of the year is simply lovely. It’s versatility means it can be used as an accent or as a main colour. It can be feminine or alternatively, used with teals and greys it can soften a room without being over girly.

If it’s a colour that appeals to you, you are in luck this year as you will have no problem finding accessories for your home, it’s going to be everywhere. That doesn’t mean if you choose to indulge in Coral you have to look as if you are just jumping on the coral bandwagon and blindly following the latest trend.

I have to admit I had already been looking at this colour well before Pantone announced it as the colour of the year. In fact I was a bit miffed, I hate having the same as everyone else but I REALLY liked it and didn’t want to just disregard it…. so after exploring further I realised I could add a splash here and there to get the life and energy I was looking for without being obviously “coral trend following”.

Subtly incorporated into your colour scheme it will add freshness and vibrancy without being overpowering.

In my post cosy up with Coral I talk about some colour schemes coral goes well with, jump on over and take a look if you would like to know a little more about this.

So if you have a hankering for some coral room decor I’ve already been on the hunt and found some fantastic products. Sadly I will not be buying them ALL! but here they are.

1. Fur Bench Ottoman 2.Evening moon wall hanging 3.Coral hand Knitted pillow cover 4.Clarissa Hulse Persephone luxury Designer Coral Gold Cushion Pillow Cover 5.Palm Leaves Coral duvet cover 6.As If – Wall Art  1.Wood Wallshelf coat rack  2.Make Your Own Luck serving Tray  3.Coral Feathers Coffee mug  4.Coral Coterie Wall clock  5.Hand Lettered Wooden tray  6.Quilted placemats – Coral Pink 1.coral shower curtain  2.Organic Turkish Towel  3.Seahorse Hand and bath towel  1.Bohemian Curtains  2.Trailing Ferns Extra Tall Lampshade  3.Coral moroccan Leather pouf  4.Mexican Garland Bird and Flower Pillow  5.Coral Vintage Overdyed Rug  6.Tahiti Coral Palm Pillow Cover  1. Flamingo and bird painted Wallpaper  2.Beanbag Chair

And there we have it the start of the Coral year. A year for optimism and joy which I wish for everyone. Let’s hope Pantone has got this right and we all work together to make it so.

As an Affiliate I may earn commision from any purchases made through my links. This will not make any difference to the price you pay.


  1. Mumsy says:

    I remember coral being a hit in the early sixties I loved it then and I still love that warm happy colour mumsy

    1. Su says:

      Yep I remember it from the eighties too. I’m really glad it’s making it’s rounds again:)

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