Cosy up with Coral – Pantones colour of the year

So what do you think of it? This is the colour announced some time ago as Pantones colour of the year 2019 “Living Coral”

Strange thing is I was looking at this colour a few months ago (before it was announced!) as our comfy well-worn leather sofa, which we all love, has started to sag in the middle and the leather is so worn in places it may well go through at just about any moment so sadly it has got to be replaced.

I found a lovely soft velvet couch which was totally different to the one we have. My practical head however went into overdrive. Would the velvet stand the wear, would the colour mark easily etc. Needless to say the count is still out on the sofa, the colour however is lovely and I have found some beautiful accessories I will be purchasing.

It’s a complete contrast to the Ultra Violet of last year and brings with it a connection to nature which is soft but vibrant.

Living coral

Things to love about Living Coral

It’s not the usual sort of colour I would consider, I’m more a rust and Autumn season girl when it comes to home decor but the thing I love about living coral is its versatility.

I could add it to any of my rooms without having to completely replace everything and at the same time completely change the atmosphere.

Pantone have created 5 pallets which show how Living Coral can be used in a range of colour schemes to add vibrancy and bring a new lease of life to your room or just complement and accentuate the colour scheme you already have.

It goes equally well with soft teals and greys or yellows, rusts and magentas to name just two.

You can easily get cosy with Coral by combining it with Pantones pallet for spring/summer 2019 or if you prefer a fresh light room try the under the sea pallet.

You can use it as an accent if it’s a subtle influence you’re after or paint a whole wall as a feature if you want a bold strong statement.

On a budget? Bring new energy to your living space by replacing a rug and a few cushions.

It really is up to you. There is very little that will not work with this colour.

Pantone describe it as “Earthbound, welcoming, optimistic and intimate” and have chosen it for this year because “it is a life affirming hue that speaks to our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits.” Well I’m good with those vibes and have to admit it gives me a strangely calm but at the same time energetic feeling. Yes I know this sounds contradictory but I can’t describe it any other way. It’s a definite feel good colour without being crazy. It’s got my thumbs up.

If you are thinking of incorporating it into your home and are looking for some inspiration, take a look at my post Coral Room Decor where I have chosen some of my favourites.

If you have already got on board and gone a little Coral crazy I’d love to hear how it looks. Please feel free to leave me a comment below.

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