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Are you always searching for that perfect piece of furniture. You know, the one that’s totally you, it stands out from the crowd and is different to the all stuff that seems to be in every shop you look in. Me too! That’s why I got so excited when Society 6 launched their new furniture range. It’s design to die for and I totally love it.

It was the credenzas that really caught my eye. An item of furniture and piece of art all rolled into one. I was truly in heaven. It’s so rare that I find something that is stylish and can be customised to completely fit my style (without me having to do all the work). I was just about to check the bank balance (and start juggling things around if I needed to) when the bad news hit me like a hammer

“We only ship within the US”

I was completely gutted and to be honest still haven’t recovered. So, if like me you live in the U.K in fact if you live anywhere except in the US, sorry guys we’re out of luck. I almost stopped writing this post at that point, but then I thought, hey, everything else they make is shipped worldwide and the exact phrase was;

“We currently do not ship furniture outside of the United States.”

So, I’m focusing on the word currently and the fact that this may change in the future. So I will be keeping my eye closely on this, have my fingers crossed and be praying for a change in their policy – there’s nothing wrong in living in hope is there? and I will let you know as soon as this changes. In the mean time this post is for you lucky people in the US who can take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to enhance you home with this jewel of home furnishing genius.

Credenza Heaven – My Favorites

I painfully (and it was painful knowing I couldn’t get my hands on one) scoured the collection of fabulous artists work to find a selection of my faves’s to share and give you an idea of the amazing pieces out there. This is what I came up with.

Florals – Credenzas bringing the beauty of nature inside

This piece is so bold and elegant and would fit beautifully in a minimalistic room.

Artwork by Magic Dreams and entitled Flowers in Black and White

Looking for something that’s fun and lively? Well, hello Red floral Jungle. If you love Boho this is great. It’s full title is Red Floral Jungle garden botanical featuring Proteas, Reeds, Eucalyptus, Ferns and Birds of Paradise– That’s some mouthful and has been created by Laura Lee Meintjes.

Fresh and pretty, a piece of sunshine for your home. It just beams happy! Designed by Alexandra Tarasoff one of my favorite artists on Society6 and entitled is Gen Z Yellow Parakeet Linocut

Night Garden by Riza Peker Full blown opulence. This bold profusion of intense colour and delicate florals combines to give a traditional style a modern boom.

The light and airy design Yellow Cosmos Flowers by Jessicca Rose is simply lovely. It would sit beautifully in a range of rooms from romantic to traditional.

The last of the florals I chose is delicate and elegant. It’s simplicity is its beauty and Chipi Art Studio have created Blue Watercolor Poppies a design which enhances the sophistication of the credenza.

Retro – If you want a blast from the past


I just love it. A nostalgic throw back to the style of the seventies. Retro all the way, Orange Harvest by Leanne Simpson

Cassettes, VHS and games by Hollis Brown Thornton. Looking for something with a more masculine vibe, this one fits the bill. Great to store CD’s, vinyls or what ever else needs neatly storing away.

Just for Fun

Everyone loves a bit of glitter don’t they? Well here’s a pretty little design of you are a glitter lover. Just enough jazz without it being gaudy. Lovely work by Better Home, its title says exactly what it is Sparkling Golden Glitter confetti effect.

These two are both from Envy Art. Another Fine day and Run Now Wine later. They just have to be for drinks cabinets!

Something different

What a center piece for a room this is! Angela Rizza is another of my favorite artists. Cosmic Egg is pretty awesome and so decorative. This would certainly be a talking point and look fabulous in a room where it takes the focus.

And now for my final offering. This superb abstract design by Thing Design appropriately entitled Abstract 64. The nice thing about this apart from the artwork itself of course, is its versatility. I can imagine it just as easily in anything from a minimalistic to a traditional setting.

These are obviously all based around my own preferences, but there are thousands of artists designing for society6 so there is no problem finding something to fit your tastes.

A few final details;

35.5” . 17.5” . 30” (H) including leg

-Available in warm natural birch or a premium walnut finish

-Print on door panels comes in a satin finish

-Steel legs available in gold or black

-Interior shelf is adjustable

-Assembly is required but there are full instructions and a video that look so easy even I think I could sail through it. Here’s the link to show just how easy it is

Credenza Assembly video

Any of the links I’ve provided will take you through to Society 6 where you can browse through at your leisure. You may, find if you’re anything like me, you can lose track of time completely and suddenly realise hours have passed and there are still so many amazing things to check out.


If you are remodeling a room at the moment have a look at my article on how to create a gallery wall. Combining complementary art around your credenza could create a real statement wall and a center point for the whole houses. Think about dropping the pictures below the top of the credenza so that it becomes part of the art display. Be brave, be yourself and most of all have fun.

I would love to hear if any of you have bought one of these already and if you love it as much as I know I would.

Please feel free to leave me any comments. Look forward to hearing from you


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