Designing a gallery wall for your home -The easy way

If you have been dying to create your own stunning gallery wall, but have no idea where to start, no worries. It can be easily achieved with a few simple steps. That blank empty wall can be transformed into an amazing showstopper, oozing with your own personality.

Finding the perfect art collection is the first, and can be the hardest stage (although I love this part). It can be expensive and daunting if you’re starting from scratch. However, Society6 offers a range of diverse art, from talented artists. The difficulty is not finding fabulous art but knowing when to stop, and the great thing is it won’t break the bank! The prints are great quality and you can choose frames and sizes to suit your style and decor.

Once you have planned your wall, you simply order your art prints, in the right size with your chosen frame and hang them. It couldn’t be easier.

So let’s start designing a gallery wall for your home that you’ll love.

Here’s the wall I enjoyed putting together using some simple guidelines which I’m happy to share with you.

1. Cohesion

“The action of forming a united whole”

Although each piece may be very different, the display needs to pull together, and there are some really simple tricks to make this work.

  • Frame choice – Choosing the same frame for each piece allows you to have a variety art styles which will still work together. Keeping the frames simple and the same colour, similar to that of the wall, helps them blend into the background and makes your gallery all about the art.If you want to go the other way, however, you could make it all about the frames. Use a strong a contrasting colour that stands out or mix and match colours which complement each other and the art.
  • Colour – Choosing a colour theme is extremely effective and will most certainly tie the whole collection together. By just concentrating on a couple of main colours the display can look stunning. Choose accent colours you already have in the room. Here I looked only for art which incorporated mainly turquoise and pink in the same tonal value as the sofa and lamp.
  • Themes – Animals, nature, portraits, monochrome, line, abstract what ever your passion is! Using a central concept can give it a polished look

You can use all of these or just one and achieve fantastic results. It’s up to you. Let your creativity come through.

2. Plan your layout

Go with what you like. If you prefer organic avoid hard edges and lines. If you’re after a neater more ordered wall (like the one I designed ) create a square or rectangular edge and then fill it with every thing you love.

To make sure your wall’s going to look great when it’s finished a little work now will avoid disappointment.

The frame sizes at Society6 are 10″x12″ (25cmx30cm)

12″x12″ (30cmx30cm)

15″x21″ (38cmx53.3cm)

20″x26″ (50.75cmx66cm)

22″x22″ (55.75cmx55.75cm)

26″x38″ (66cmx96.5cm)

Of course if you are using other frames check the sizes available and go from there.

The first thing you will need to do is grab a note book and a tape measure and take some quick measurements.

room measurementsSketch out your room to scale make sure you include furnishings T.V’s etc. that will take up room on the wall.






picture templatesCut out picture templates (also to scale)








Then it’s time to play. Move your templates around until you have a layout that’s great. This is an example of the organic layout I mentioned earlier.

Doing it this way makes it so easy to transfer your measurements to the wall.

As everything is already scaled you can measure the placement of each template on the drawing, scale it back to the full size and mark your wall lightly with a pencil to show where it will go.

If you want to go one step further, cut full size templates of the picture frames using newspaper or any other old paper you have to hand. Then blue tack the templates to your wall. Mark out where the nail will go. You can then either nail through the paper or pierce through the paper with a sharp pencil marking directly where to drill when you are ready to hang.

And that’s it! All you need to do now is head over to Society6 or wherever you are buying from and have fun choosing the art to make you home an amazing representation of you.

Just in case you like any of the pieces I chose here’s where to find them;

Breach I Art Print by Marc Allante











Blooming Framed Art Print by Cathy Lawson












Bathtime with Blue Florals Framed Art Print by Sam Osborne












Petals Framed Art Print by Robin Richardson












Daydreaming Framed Art Print by Michelle Bradford













Jungle Panther Framed Art Print by Ambers Textiles












EnvelopingSilence Art Print by HSC1000








And so now it over to you. Have fun and be creative. There are no wrongs or rights. Make it work for you and let your personality shine.

I would love to hear how you get on, so please feel free to leave me any comments below


















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