Special Valentine Gifts – For Your Special Person

With Valentines day just around the corner you have probably been wrecking your brain trying to think of something for your special person. So I’ve been on the hunt at Etsy searching for special valentine gifts that are unique, personal and gorgeous. I’m a massive fan of Etsy and the amazing items you can find there. So here’s 8 of my favourites to get you going. O.K so this Giant Red door Bow Ribbon isn’t really a present but it’s a fabulous way to set the mood. Imagine arriving home to find this on your door, there’s no doubt that you’re celebrating Valentines day!
This Personalised Wood photo is perfect if you have a special memory associated with a particular photo and really on trend at the moment. They a nice alternative to a photo frame and add something a little different to your decor too.This personalised wallet lets him carry you everywhere without you becoming crinkled and ripped. It’s handmade, leather and made to order. You can’t get more personal that. I absolutely love these bracelets. They’re neat and stylish and engraved with sentimental co-ordinates and a personal message on the back. They are strong and classic enough to wear every day in all conditions.Yep these personalised suspenders take braces to another level. You can’t accuse these of being old-fashioned! They make a great addition to any mans wardrobe. They are handmade from leather and come in black, blue, brown, ginger, green, red and purple. The back has an adjustable Y strap, there are 3 clips and 2 length adjusters allowing you to ensure they fit comfortably.These are definitely a style statement.

If your partner is a bit of a musician what better way for them to play than with a personalised pick specially engraved for them. There is a choice of woods to choose from and you can have either one or both sides engraved.

And for all those cheese lovers out there…..a couples cheese board. These are handmade to order and personalised with title, surname and a special date.

I know this seems a little quirky but bear with me. This luxury picnic set can be personalised and a picnic is romantic at anytime of year. If you don’t fancy facing an outdoor picnic at this time of year why not do a living room picnic. Now that’s a romantic Valentines meal to remember. Soft candlelight, bubbly and music it just oozes romance and will create memories for years to come.

If you haven’t found your perfect gift from my favourites try heading over and browsing the Valentine selection at Etsy

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