The benefits of burning candles

Anyone out there like me… a bit of a candlaholic.

I LOVE CANDLES and it’s that time of year…. candle time. As soon as the sun starts setting behind the hill at about 4:30 you will see me running to the kitchen and returning lighter in hand, flame already lit, ready to create a cosy evening of snuggling and snoozing.

Well it turns out my candle burning nights, which I always thought of as indulgent and an excuse for a lazy evening may have been benefiting me all of these years.

1. Candles create a warm and welcoming ambiance

Once the room is glowing with that warm and cosy light you can literally feel yourself unwind.

Anxiety and stress slowly ebb away with the day you have just left behind. The room becomes soft, welcoming and relaxing.

2. Candles induce calmness

Have you ever noticed when you light the candles and switch off the light how the volume in the room drops.

A state of calm is naturally created, with this comes the ability to focus and reflect. You become more self-aware and have space to think. Meditation happens without conscious effort and the mind is soothed.

3. Aromatherapy

Our sense of smell can be closely linked with memory which is why certain smells can take use right back to specific events in our lives.

It therefore follows that using fragranced candles can evoke emotions triggered by the memories connected with that smell. For this reason choosing fragranced candles is extremely individual. Choosing the one with the right fragrance can immediately transform your environment creating emotions of peace, joy, happiness, love, relaxation, relief etc. enhancing your mood and well-being.

If you can it is beneficial to use scents derived from natural oils as these are most beneficial

4. Sleep easy

Artificial light is detrimental to sleep it essentially extends daylight hours .

Melatonin is a hormone produced by darkness and gets you ready to sleep. By lighting your room with candles for the evening you are giving your body a natural trigger, by the time bed calls you should be ready for a good nights sleep.

When you are getting the right amount of sleep it can help with weight loss, reduce stress, improve your memory and make you more alert. And this all starts by me lighting a candle, who’d have thought it!

For any candle lovers who like me get excited about finding great candles I’ve done the leg work for you and completed a post with some great ideas for candles as gifts. Hop on over and see what you think, you will be spoiled for choice.

Once you have your perfect candles it’s important to take care of them to get the best from them so I created a post to help you get the best from them.

In the meantime HAPPY CANDLING my fellow candlers.






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